Changes to my blog!

Hey everyone! Over the last few days I have been working on switching my blog to in order to have it self-hosted. I finally got all of the kinks out and the my new blog is ready to go, however, my blog posts will no longer appear on the WordPress Reader, and if you are following my blog via email, those will no longer send either!

There is an easy fix to this, though! If you liked my posts and still want to see what I am up to just visit, add it to your bookmarks and sign up for the email list on the homepage! It shouldn’t take longer than a minute and you will be good to go!

I appreciate all of the followers that I have on here, and would love to keep in touch still on my blog! Thanks for reading, and hopefully I will hear from you all soon!


Unexpected Running Songs (#36-40)

As I mentioned yesterday, spring has finally sprung here in Mid-Missouri and I have definitely been taking advantage of the new season. I have already ran 12 miles this month, and am well ahead of my goal of 30. In fact, I may increase it to 40 to make up for my lack of running in February and March! As long as we don’t get any more late snow storms I imagine I will be able to consistently run outside again, and hopefully start building my mileage back up. Because I was able to run this week I had the chance to come up with a few new Unexpected Running Songs, and want to share them with all of you. So, here are five new songs to add to your playlist!

36. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers (3:39)
I decided this was a fun one during spring break when we listened to it about 10 times in the car. We would all take turns belting out a “Ba-Da-Da-Ta” and it sounded just lovely. Not very upbeat or anything, but like I said, it’s a fun one.

37. Sell Out by Reel Big Fish (3:47)
I’ve had this one on my playlist for quite some time now and when it came on during yesterdays run I knew I had to add it here. Reel Big Fish has some other good songs, including a wonderful cover of ‘New York’ by Frank Sinatra. Go check em out.

38. Rapper’s Delight by The Sugarhill Gang (6:29)
You have options with this song. There is the original version that is a whopping 15 minutes long, which you will be bored with by the end but at the same time knowing you’ll be done with a mile and a half before it stops can also be a good feeling. The version I linked to is actually on YouTube and is the ‘shorter’ version at a little over 6 minutes. It cuts out a lot of the ‘delight’ part and sticks to most of the ‘rapping’. Heyo!

39. Show Me the Money by Petey Pablo (3:45)
This song may not be the most appropriate, but it came on the iPod and I found myself jamming to it. Apparently it’s from the movie Step Up, so if you can dance to it, you can run to it.

40. Start the Commotion by The Wiseguys (5:51)
This is one of those songs you have heard but didn’t know it had a title and was something you could actually download. It’s a great one for any type of workout. Also, I’m no music video guy but I did enjoy this one. It can get a bit repetitive, so you may be hitting the ‘next’ button before it’s over, but still worth a download!

And there you have it! Can you believe there has already been 40 Unexpected Running Songs? That’s enough to practically get you through a marathon and back! I hope you have enjoyed the songs that I have posted so far, and as always if you know a great one that should be added just let me know! I would be more than happy to include it. Happy running!

We Need MO Cowbell

mocowbell 1

Earlier this week I posted about signing up for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon. Well, turns out there was just a little miscommunication with my mom, and it is not the race I am signed up for! I am actually signed up for MO Cowbell Half Marathon, which will also be taking place in October.

Now, if you’re like me, you hear that name and immediately think, “well, that’s going to be the most annoying race ever!” Possibly, but I hear it’s a blast, and a race that is growing in popularity! It is taking place in Historic St. Charles and the website boasts “the fastest, flattest course in the St. Louis region!” I’m not going to lie, I was pretty excited to read that! The pictures from last year look great and this will be the race’s third year, so it’s still relatively new.

mocowbell 3

Also, a portion of the MO’ Cowbell race proceeds will go toward the St. Charles City-County Library Foundation’s program Take 20 and Read. That’s what I like to call a win-win. I’m not sure if I’ll get my first medal for finishing the race or if I just get a cowbell, but either way I’m stoked! Even if I do have to wait five months. If you live in the area and are looking for a more laid back run that isn’t so intimidating, this could be what you are looking for. Register before April 30 for a $60 entry fee for a half marathon and $80 for the full. Also, a half marathon relay is available for $100, and a 5K for $30. For more information just visit their website.

Second Day of Class

My Tuesday’s are about as good they can get, having one class and all. I was going to wake up early this morning to run but hit the snooze button a few times after my super early morning yesterday. I ended up sleeping in as much as I could and made it to campus right on time for my 10am Chinese class. Chinese, after two days, is going really good. The teacher and his TA are really great and helpful and we are slowly moving along so no one can get too far behind. That being said I have spent quite a bit of time already going over the mere 10 initial sounds that we have learned. We already have a quiz tomorrow. After class I went to Vida Coffee Co., a coffee shop on campus, and we studied there for a bit. I have a feeling we will be there much more often, especially after getting the best drink I have ever had, a cinnamon cider.

After school I got my football tickets and am really excited about our season getting started. Everyone is talking about how we are going to do and what’s going to happen and it will be nice to finally just watch it all unfold and see how we do.

From the ticket place I went to another coffee shop since the house doesn’t have wifi yet. I knocked out some serious work there and then went next door to T-Mobile to tell them that my phone has been terrible for a while and is getting worse and worse by the day. Turns out so is every other Sensation in the country, so they are sending me a new one in a week and I am really anxious to get my hands on that. Hopefully mine can last that long.

Right now I am in the Student Center awaiting the first BYX officer meeting of the semester. Last night’s chapter went great and I know we are motivated and hopefully will pull in a solid pledge class this semester. More updates on that are sure to come. I should wrap this up though. There is your update!

Posted a picture identical to this last year when we went to Flat Branch for Jacqueline’s birthday. Get the same thing every time I go and it never disappoints. Also had the beer bread for an appetizer and a cookie sundae for dessert. I recommend everything about this place. And you get a free beer on your birthday!

Back in the Rec, Back in Class

If you follow my blog you have definitely not seen any stats from Fitocracy in about three months because that is exactly how long it has been since my last weight lifting workout. This morning, as you can see, Jacob and I took it pretty slow to ease back into things. We were definitely feeling the burn and should hopefully be back to where we were when we finished last semester in a few weeks. Tomorrow we are doing interval training running which will be helpful in losing some of the weight I put on from the summer. 

On the school side of things I am one class down with three more to go. I head to Chinese next which I am really looking forward to. Apparently the teacher is great which will be a plus when it comes to learning that language. Then I wrap up my day with sociology and psychology. Today is Jacqueline’s 21st birthday so tonight we are going out to dinner and then BYX is having our first chapter meeting of the semester. Should be a good first day back! Here is what we did this morning at the rec:

Front Barbell Squat:
135 lb x 5 reps (+66 pts)
135 lb x 5 reps (+66 pts)
135 lb x 5 reps (+66 pts)
135 lb x 5 reps (+66 pts)
135 lb x 5 reps (+66 pts)

Barbell Deadlift:
90 lb x 8 reps (+75 pts)
90 lb x 8 reps (+75 pts)
90 lb x 8 reps (+75 pts)
90 lb x 8 reps (+75 pts)

5 reps (+47 pts)

Diamond Push-Up:
10 reps (+15 pts)
Close Grip Push-Up:
10 reps (+16 pts)
10 reps (+15 pts)
Wide Arm Push-Up:
10 reps (+15 pts)